Purchase of Land

In 2013, Impact, a mission outreach of the Emmanuel Community from Brisbane and Heart for Mission in Victoria, partnered with Holy Trinity Community in Uganda to bring about their long time vision for a school.  A school that would provide the proper foundations and building blocks of a quality education to lead children out of poverty and to equip them with skills to become self-sustainable and responsible leaders in their chosen fields.  

Together we have been fundraising for a school ... well actually fundraising to buy the land for a school first of all.     

It was VERY rewarding when we were able to set this vision in motion through a recent fundraising event at the Ignite Youth Conference held in Brisbane last month. A special appeal was held at one of the rallies for the school project in Uganda.  What a great boost to the coffers as over $5,500 was raised-  enough now to buy the land. So Stage 1 is reached.    Watch this space as we bring you photos of the land.

We, at the Impact Stall during Ignite Conference 2015, want to say a BIG THANK YOU to those who came along to chat, sponsor a child, find out a little more about the school or ‘buy a brick’ and place on our ‘school wall’.   42 ‘bricks’ at $2 each and 25 x $5 ‘bricks’ were placed on the school wall.   Someone had written ‘building the bricks of life’ on their sticker and that is just what we are doing with your help – building up lives through education and equipping youngsters to transform their life, community and maybe even their nation – one child, one school, one community at a time.   

Pope Francis has written “...the only reason for the importance we give to education is the hope for a new humanity, for another possible world”.