The HOLY TRINITY COMMUNITY is a charismatic community in the diocese of Masaka, Uganda called to be a force for renewal of the church to reveal Christ to the world through holistic new evangelization.  The vision of the community is to see individuals, families, a community and a world transformed by the love of God, for Him and for neighbour.   
Our centre is in Bisanje approx 7kms from Masaka, Uganda.  

Our mission field is far and wide as we minister God's love through community life, farming projects, sharing groups, youth outreach, prayer ministry, sending out ministry groups and organising conferences to name a few.  We want hearts to be set alive with the love of God under the guidence of the Holy Spirit to become the force for renewal.

Our children are our future ... and for at least 15 years we have nursed a vision of a school as a long-term alternative to the existing poor education. Our heart has been to have a school that will provide the proper foundations and building blocks of a quality education to enable children to become problem solvers, thought leaders and change agents for the Uganda of tomorrow. 

You have all seen the photos ... too many children cramped into small unfinished classrooms with dirt floors, decaying doors and open holes for windows supplying the only light in the dark room ...  no text books ... the teacher has the only text book and the children spend the day copying his notes from a chalk board ...  no time for questions ... at the end of each day the children have just copied information; information lacking practical application to help them break the poverty cycle....

The long term solution to breaking this poverty cycle is to provide a quality education, counselling, spiritual developement and a caring environment that will transform our children into tomorrow's leaders.   

This is the vision for what the Holy Trinity Children's College is about.   As a Community we have the people skills to provide the teachers, counselling and spiritual developement and caring environment, but have lacked land and resources to see this vision come to life.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandala

The Holy Trinity Children's College will be set up as a Not-For-Profit organization that will be owned, operated and managed by Holy Trinity Community Masaka, Uganda. However, building, funding and operating of a school cannot be done in isolation by the Community alone. We need you, our network of generous sponsors, donors, supporters and international volunteers who think big, have plenty of passion and loads of energy to form the backbone for Holy Trinity Childrens College.