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Every dollar counts in making Holy Trinity Children's College a reality.

Building a Better Future

Education is the key to breaking free from poverty and empowering lives, but a school is so much more than buildings with learning facilities.  For the students, their families and the community, it is a path for growth, hope and change.    

Investing in a school also changes many lives in the local community – jobs are created and the income that is generated reduces the poverty levels to build a better future.

This vision of a school will work because people like you care enough and believe enough that one person can make a difference and together a school can be built.   

We need people just like you to partner with us!    

Big visions start with baby steps ... a school is built with one brick at a time....


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Every donation, no matter how small, brings us closer to making HTCC a reality for growth, hope and change for the next generation.

4. Secondary School 2. Inital Building 3. Upper Primary 5. Vocational School 1. Pre-building phase

Stage 1. Pre-building Phase

Expected cost - AUD$12,000

Pre-construction phase of design, site engineering, services of electricity and water and supply of materials to begin the initial building for Stage 1. 

Stage 2. Initial Buildings

Expected cost - AUD$466,600

At the end of five years and depending on funds, we anticipate that the Pre-school and Primary 1 - 4 will be up and running.  Buildings will include a small clinic, male and female toilets, administration block and teacher's quarters.  School property will have security fencing.

Stage 3. Upper Primary School

Expected Cost - AUD$154,000

As the children move towards the Upper Primary and as funding becomes available, commence the Upper Primary School buildings P5 - P7, Hall and student boarding facilities

Stage 4. Secondary School

Expected Cost - AUD$334,000

As funding becomes available, commence the Secondary School Classrooms with teachers quarters, student boarding facilities, kitchen, toilets, hall.

Stage 5. Vocational School

Expected Cost - AUD$294,000

Offering hands-on Courses which will give continuity for on-going education and developing the necessary trade skills for employment towards a self sustainable future.