Ripple Effect

One child educated has generational consequences. However, the ripple effect is not only on the one child, but on many children and extends to their families and the local families of teachers, of staff and of the suppliers.

Building and sustaining a school creates jobs and the income generated lifts the poverty levels in the local community, not to mention the ripple effect on the wider international community of generous sponsors, donors, supporters and volunteers. It is a group effort causing ripples among thousands of ordinary people - locals as well as from all over the world, coming together and joining forces to do something quite extraordinary.

Shelter and Protection

The children, maybe for the first time in their lives, will experience adequate shelter and protection.  They will receive a balanced diet and no longer need to worry about their next meal or whether there is good drinking water or soap to wash with. Their days will have a routine and structure providing the security so essential for emotional well-being.

Faithful Heart

The children will learn that they are valuable as they are introduced to the love of their Heavenly Father.  Sound spiritual teachings and pastoral care will provide the foundations to awaken and strenghten their faith.

Forming Future Leaders

The children will learn to play, to consider others, to live together.  The environment and curriculum will be designed to build confidence, competence, critical thinking and  leadership, embracing the unique qualities of every child.  Through their education they will learn the benefits of hard work, discipline and perseverance that develops  into a healthy work ethic.    The children will be challenged, supported and encouraged to grow into the very best people they can be.

Continuity in Effort

There needs to be continuity in efforts to educate and empower the young generation to become the worthwhile citizens that will bring their country forward.  We are in for the long haul - from kindergarten to primary to secondary through to vocational courses.  We are starting small at the lower levels, but the Holy Trinity Children's College knows it needs this continuity. 

Giving Back

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" (Nelson Mandala)
Along with providing the basic resources that allow students to progress through their schooling, our vision is to instil aspirations, character formation and spiritual direction.    Success to us would be for graduated students to obtain good jobs (or start successful businesses), to become leaders in their own fields and give back into their communities. In short, train the children to be givers as well as receivers.

Community Involvement

Investing is a school changes many lives, creates jobs and the income that is generated reduces the poverty levels in the local community.
There will be a variety of valuable services in one place, including weekend events that will reach out and minister to the wider community and formation for parents/carer will be paramount.  Equipping and supporting parents/carers to play an active role will be vital to the success of the school community.  It is understood that there is a direct connection between community and parent/carer involvement to how well the child does at school.

A school is so much more than buildings with learning facilities. For the students, their families and the community it is a path for growth, hope and change.

The Story So Far


Purchase of Land…

In 2015 the dream begins to become a reality when we found the perfect space and made it ours.

Touching the dream…

Our visit to Uganda in 2016, enabled us to walk around the boundaries, some of it quite dense scrub. A 'road' had been ploughed to give an easement onto the school property.  A tractor was also clearing some of the dense scrub near the swamp.  Of course, anything that exciting draws a crowd, especially the children.